Federal Police Virus Removal Instructions

Description: If you suddenly get the "FEDERAL POLICE Attention" pop up on your computer, you have been infected with a harmful ransom trojan virus. This virus hijacks your desktop wallpaper and browser home page and displays a fake message. The warning screen claims that your computer has been locked by the federal law office because you have violated your countries law by watching child pornography and visiting adult websites containing illegal content. The virus will gather your system data and stored private information. It will then use the harvested data to display your IP number, location, browser version and other personal information. Furthermore the message will also contain fake logos from companies like Symantec, Kaspersky and McAfee together with the police department own logotype to look more convincing.

To redeem your computer system, you need to pay a penalty fine (usually 50, 75 or 100 in your local currency) via Paysafecard or Ukash, otherwise all your personal data and stored files will be eradicated within 48 hours (in some cases 24 hours). This is of course not true, all logos, images and content are fake. The counterfeit notice is designed by scam artists (cyber criminals) with the only purpose to mislead and scare you into thinking its a legitimate notice from the federal police. So please beware falling victim to these scammers and DO NOT BUY any vouchers to pay the bogus fine!!

The malware associated with this hijack has the ability to record your keystrokes and collect passwords, user names, credit card details and other sensitive information. This ransomware poses a potential risk to your security and privacy and may cause your computer to be significantly degraded. We strongly encourage that you download award winning trojan virus removal tool and check your system as soon as you get this Federal Police notice.

Remove Federal Police Fine Virus

(Complete Removal)

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 bit/64bit), Windows XP, ME, 2000 and 98.

The federal police virus scare messages:

(The content and design of the message may vary depending on your location)

"Attention! Illegal activity was revealed on your computer", "Your computer has been downloading indecent images", "Your system has been locked as a result of law violation!" "The following violations were detected", "[Your IP address] was reveled on illegal websites including violent scenes with children and child pornography"

"Police Illegal Activity", "The operating system has been blocked in connection with infringement of the laws of the [Your country]", ''From [Your IP address] it was visited websites containing scenes of violence against people, as well as viewing banned in [Your country] child pornographic materials"

"Video files was discovered that contain elements of violence on your computer. "Your system has been locked to prevent illegal activities", " you are obliged, within 48 hours of receiving notice to pay a [Your countries currency] fine to unlock the computer.

Signs of police fine trojan virus

If your get one of the the following symptoms on your computer please run a full system scan.

  • A background program is interfering with your system registry and boot options
  • Your default browser and desktop got hacked by a police department notice
  • Windows not be able boot because of corrupt Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files
  • Unusual processes take 100% of your CPU
  • Your antivirus unable to disinfect your system, malware reinstalls after removal
  • Your mouse and keyboard very slow to respond
  • Computer freezes and won't connect to internet

Federal Police fine virus technical data

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OS platforms:

Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Infections reported:


Potential damage:


Removal difficulty:


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Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 bit/64bit), Windows XP, ME, 2000 and 98.


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Federal police virus


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