Trojan.Ransom Removal Instructions

Description: Trojan.Ransom is a very persistent malware that locks up your operating system and hijacks your Windows desktop screen with various fake warning messages in order to trick you into paying money (ransom) for unlocking your computer. Trojan.Ransome is the generic name of a dangerous Ransom malware family also known as Trojan.LockScreen, Trojan.RansomLock or Trojan.WinLock but hundreds of other variants have been named since this scam was first detected in Russia 2004. Once the Ransom Trojan gets activated inside your computer, it will hijack your operating system and browser and prevent you from accessing any of the Windows system tools like Regedit or Task Manager. It may also establish a stealthy background connection and obtain further malicious files from a remote host server to initiate its damaging activities.

The criminals who create these deceptive warning screens use scare tactics to mislead their victims by pretending to be the federal police or some other governmental agency. Usually they state that you have downloaded illegal content from banned porn websites. As evidence they will display your real personal information (formerly stolen data by the trojan) like IP address, country and operating system in combination with various non-existent files and images that they claim to have found on your computer's hard drive. To unlock the counterfeit government lock you will be prompted to pay the fine witnin a specified time period like 24 or 48 hours.

Please note that paying the bogus fine will not remove the Trojan.Ransom and will not have any effect on your compromised computer's status! To safely remove this hijacker and protect your system from future Ransomware attacks, download latest trojan removal tool.

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Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 bit/64bit), Windows XP, ME, 2000 and 98.

Signs of Trojan.Ransom

  • Your web browser doesn't connect to the Internet
  • Ctrl / Alt / Delete doesn't work to start Task Manager
  • Your computer randomly freezes and a blue screen of death comes up
  • Your desktop has been hijacked with an unknown warning message
  • You anti-virus and firewall software will not load

Trojan.Ransom technical data

Related malware:

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OS platforms:

Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Infections reported:

Medium to high

Potential damage:

Medium to high

Removal difficulty:


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Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 bit/64bit), Windows XP, ME, 2000 and 98.


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