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13 April 2012 - is a phony search engine hijacking Google and Yahoo links and directing you to sites displaying advertisements. You should not use, the annoying search site is designed to delude you into believing it's a real search engine to get you to click on loads of affiliate links. The redirect virus is made by scammers to earn them money by redirecting your online searches to their phony sites crammed with annoying ads. This search hijack can degrade the system's performance and seriously compromise your privacy. If you think you have been attacked by this virus, we strongly advise you to check your computer and fix Click.Get-Answers-Fast redirect as soon as possible.

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Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 bit/64bit), Windows XP, ME, 2000 and 98.

Signs of redirect virus

In the event your computer has any of the following symptoms it is important to run a fast system scan.

  • Internet searches are directed to
  • Your computer becomes too slow and freezes on startup
  • The message "Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator" appears when you try to use Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  • Browser stops loading pages technical data

IP address / Location: / United States

OS platforms:

Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Infections reported:

Low to medium

Potential damage:

Medium to high

Removal difficulty:

Medium to hard


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Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 bit/64bit), Windows XP, ME, 2000 and 98.


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