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Virus.Boot-Dos Removal Tool

Description: Virus.Boot-Dos is a malicious memory resident virus that installs itself into the memory and infects boot sectors and executed system files on the compromised hard drive. Virus.Boot-Dos will self-reproduce itself to running host programs in order to spread over the compromised machine. Virus.Boot-Dos may harm computer hardware, software or personal data and drop additional malicious payloads into Windows system folders.

Virus.Boot-Dos is a very dangerous security threat that can spread via removable drivers and delete boot sectors or alter vital system files on affected computer or network.

Virus.Boot-Dos activities

If you notice one of the following activities on you computer, you are strongly recommended to perform a free Virus.Boot-Dos detection.

  • Computer runs slowly, locks up and crashes often
  • Internet browser stops responding or fails to run normally
  • Windows system restarts on its own
  • Altered menus and desktop shortcuts
  • Corrupted or deleted dlls, registry keys
  • Unusual "blue screen of death" error messages
  • Legitimate software stops working correctly
  • Screen flooded with Irritating pop-ups
  • Malware files reinstall after removal
  • Inaccessible computer drives

Virus.Boot-Dos files and aliases

Virus.Boot.Brain.a, Virus.Boot.Bleah.c, Virus.Boot.Stoned.Angelina, Virus.Boot.Stoned.Bloody.gen, Virus.Boot-DOS.V.1253, Virus.Boot-DOS.Tequila.a, Virus.Boot.Havoc.Amse
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